Benjamin Marauder Airguns have become the go-to guns for predator and small game hunters. Game as large as turkey, fox, hogs and coyotees are no match for the Marauder's relentless accuracy and quiet power. Now the ALL NEW Marauder rifles have been redesigned to take PCP performance to the next level.
25 Oct 2020 "Carabines PCP et CO2 moins de 20 joules Benjamin Marauder 4.5mm". Carabine Crosman PCP BENJAMIN MARAUDER C 4.5 - PCP- 19.9j.
You can also find Magazine Benjamin Marauder, cal. 6.35 mm (.25) on Check out our wide offer. Description. The Benjamin Marauder magazine cal. 6.35 mm (.25) - a rotary magazine for 8 shots. Package content.
6 Benjamin Armada - Most Versatile Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle. The Benjamin Armada model comes in a choice of .22 or .25 caliber. This regulated air rifle gives way more shots from one air fill than with other models. Indeed, we are talking around the 80-shot mark from one fill, with a shot...