r.rterm.option: R command line options (i.e: --vanilla) r.source.encoding: An optional encoding to pass to R when executing the file. r.source.focus: Keeping focus when running (editor or terminal) r.alwaysUseActiveTerminal: Use active terminal for all commands, rather than creating a new R terminal
Sep 09, 2016 · Proximity is measured using #' the 1-norm, after scaling abscissa and ordinate by the bounds of #' the plot region. #' #' @param hover the hover information reported by Shiny #' @param x the vector of x values of observations being plotted #' @param y the vector of y values of observations being plotted #' @param captions a vector of captions ...
The voice soared overhead like a gull caught in an updraft. At times it seemed to hover, held aloft by an unseen fast air current. Then, with breathtaking suddenness it darted upward, taking the hollow in my chest along with it. We were caught off-guard, mesmerized and caught in a thrill. The thrill’s name … Liz Longley.
Shiny Reactive Tutorial